Dr. David W. Selby, D.O., Senior AME, HIMS IMS


In 1974 while enrolled in pre-med at Lewis and Clark College, a good college friend and I were taking the required physics course called “Special Relativity.” In this class, you imagine what happens to objects/particles as they travel close to the speed of light.

We both longed for some practical Newtonian physics, something that would give us a real world we decided to also get our pilot’s license.

Private Pilot Certificate

I loved flying so much that it immediately became my second career choice. I reasoned that if a 3.83 GPA from Lewis and Clark College would not get me into Medical School, I would re-enlist in the Navy to complete their Flight Training Program…I obviously got into Medical School.

Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon

During my internship and residency years at Des Moines General Hospital in Iowa.

I had the opportunity to be trained in their Women’s Recovery Center - a drug and alcohol treatment and recovery program. This gave me the opportunity to learn more about drug and alcohol addiction than a typical Internal Medicine/Family Practice residency would provide.

With a strong desire to continue in Aviation/Aerospace medicine, I pursued the extra training required to become an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) and, due to my additional training in drug and alcohol treatment, I was encouraged by the FAA to enroll in their Human Intervention Motivational Study (HIMS) training program, allowing me to become a Senior AME HIMS Independent Medical Sponsor (HIMS IMS).

Senior AME Flight Surgeon/AeroSpace Medicine

As a Senior AME, I’m certified by the FAA to provide all class flight physicals - Private Pilot, Air Traffic Control, and Commercial/Airline Pilot Medical Certification.


HIMS IMS Certified Physician - Mental Health Drug/Alcohol Recovery Program, an occupational substance abuse treatment program specific to pilots, is a program that provides a pathway to assist pilots in getting their medical reinstated after an issue with mental health or substance abuse.

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I truly enjoy working with my fellow pilots; I consider it an honor and a privilege.

Dr. David W. Selby, D.O., Senior AME, HIMS IMS