About Lake Grove Family Medical Clinic

The medical professionals at Lake Grove Family Medical Clinic pride themselves on providing complete family medicine for individuals and families in and around Lake Oswego, Oregon. The team, led by Dr. Selby, listen to the needs of patients, considering their trust a privilege and respond by offering personalized care that meet health and lifestyle goals. 

Doctors of Osteopathic (DO) Medicine undergo similar training to medical doctors (MD), including four years of medical school followed by residency and fellowship training. And, like MDs, DOs must pass comparable examinations and obtain state licensure in order to practice medicine. 

However, Osteopathic medical schools focus on training students to become primary care physicians. This training emphasizes a more “whole person” approach to care that focuses on wellness and disease prevention. Their training also includes an in-depth understanding of the interconnected musculoskeletal system that includes muscles, nerves, and bones, which makes DOs more attuned to how an illness in one area of the body affects another area. 

Lake Grove Family Medical Clinic understands that life is full and, at times, challenging. In response, the practice offers a wide selection of health care services in-house with providers whom patients trust. Convenient office hours, prompt service, and quick lab results make the practice the perfect choice. 

The Lake Grove Family Medical Clinic has been helping the community of Lake Oswego, Oregon, with all their health care needs for over 30 years, specializing in providing comprehensive family medicine. 

The practice’s services include offering laboratory tests on-site with confidential results available within one to two days. Patients may access results via Patient Portal. 

From childhood to older ages, the team at Lake Grove Family Medical Clinic wants to build a lasting partnership. Its comfortable clinic helps individuals and families relax and receive the best care possible in detecting any medical problems. As men and women grow and change, the team monitors and provide ongoing customized health care.


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