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Dr. David Selby, at Lake Grove Family Medical Clinic offers aviation medicine for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) from a licensed Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) and Independent Medical Sponsor (IMS). They work with HIMS (Human Intervention Motivation Study) to help recovering pilots get back in the air. We have HIMS AME Dr. David Volkov on site a few days per month as well. Call the Lake Oswego, Oregon, office today or book online to schedule your exam. 

Aviation Medicine Q & A

What is a flight physical? 

The FAA wants to ensure that pilots have the physical fitness to operate an airplane. This is to ensure the safety of the pilot, passengers, and the general public. 

Once you pass your exam, you receive a medical certificate without restriction or limitation for its duration. Pilots must hold their license in their possession at all times when flying an airplane. 

How can I obtain a medical certificate? 

The FAA requires a qualified Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) to examine you. Dr. Selby at Lake Grove Family Medical Clinic is an AME. He provides flight physicals and is the only doctor in the state of Oregon who’s certified to administer medical certificates for pilots in HIMS-IMS. 

Before the pilot physical, you must complete an official FAA application form MedXPress. Once you have completed the application, please call the office with your confirmation number.

What happens during a flight physical?

The testing done during the exam depends on the class of medical certificate needed. The FAA has three examination classes:

  • Class I: Typically for commercial airline transport pilots
  • Class II: Required for commercial pilots, including flight crew, charter pilots
  • Class III: Used for recreational or private pilots

Depending on the class needed, the physical requirements are different. For example, when testing for Class I, the examination is more comprehensive than Class III. Regardless of the required medical certification, the physical exam looks at the following:

  • Basic hearing test
  • Vision screening for near and farsightedness, color, and peripheral vision
  • Urine test 
  • Blood pressure check
  • Complete health history, including medications, mental health status, and medication. 
  • There will be a comprehensive exam.
  • Baseline EKG at age 35, then annually at age 40.

Is it possible to fail? 

Operating a plane, whether professionally or as a hobby requires good physical fitness. At Lake Grove Family Medical Clinic, the team practices the whole-body approach to medicine and works with each man and woman to help them maintain optimal health. 

Although it’s possible to fail the exam, the dedicated team works with you to make sure you aren’t grounded forever. 

Dr. Selby understands what you need as a Senior Flight Surgeon and pilot himself, and is the only Physician in Oregon certified to work with HIMS pilots, call today, or schedule online to get your pilot physical.